Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are You Evangelizing? Do You Care For Lost Souls REALLY? Are You Truly Saved? Tony Miano Shares Some Thoughts

Some of the "Just A Thought" from Tony Miano that I found challenging (his blog has more):

*Friendship evangelism is neither friendship nor evangelism without the verbal proclamation of the gospel.

*If you say that you believe Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life but you refuse to tell people, then you really don't care where people will spend eternity. Why? Because you will do what you care about.

*You can't be saved by a gospel you don't know. If you can't tell me biblically how I can get to heaven, then why should I believe you are going there?

*Remember the same verse that says "all liars will have their part in the lake of fire" also says that the cowardly will meet the same fate. When did you last share the gospel with the lost? Can't remember? Don't want to because your scared? Then you have a problem that may be more serious than you think.

*The true Christian understands that he is to remain in the world while not being of the world. But a false convert will sit precariously atop the fence separating two worlds and, when he thinks he is loosing his balance and he thinks he may fall, he will look to the world instead of Christ to catch him--all the while insisting his trust is in the Lord.


MSGWife said...

Maybe Denise there comes a time in ones life where the whole gospel thing isn't making any sense like it used to. Maybe this whole God thing is a figment of ones imagination only hoping to find a God that's not really there, nor does HE really care.

you see life isn't as easy as a lot of folks think. life is complicated and sometimes really not worth the effort.

Denise said...

Are you finding yourself in that position MSG?

Why would you say the Gospel doesn't make sense or doubt God's existance? He is alive and the Gospel is powerful (read Romans 1).

Life is never easy, but as a Christian, I can to go Scripture and to God for answers. I don't walk in the dark, because His Word is a lamp to my feet. In fact, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.

It sounds that perhaps you are feeling hopeless. I would encourage you to go back to Scripture. Read the Gospel of John and Psalms. Everyone has pain in life. Everyone has complications. No one has a corner on pain. If we live life with the expectation that we deserve better, then the focus is all wrong. Self will always be disappointed because It is NEVER satisified. More than that, it is in rebellion to God. Life isn't about you and your happiness nor mine.

The only hope I can point you to is Christ and Scripture alone. You know God exists. But perhaps you want life (and Him) on your terms. If so, then you will live a sad, unhappy life.

True joy and peace comes only AFTER we are at peace with God. That can only happen if we are truly saved and justified by God (see Romans 5 and Phil. 4).

There are answers, clear answers. But unless you are humble before God and recognize that HE alone is Holy and Righteous and you are not; unless you realize that you are a helpless, hopeless sinner with no good in you at all;
if you do not have faith in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, who is God over all & the Resurrected Master, then all your efforts are truly in vain and you can never do enough "good" to please Him. It would be a horrible existance to live for Self, not to mention the penalty is Hell.

Denise said...

P.S. I will pray for you MSGwife.