Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Democrat Bob Beckel Admits He Used to Organize "Townhall" Meetings

Under the Catagory of: Tell Us Something We Didn't Already Know!

Proving my point that when a liberal is accusing others of something,its because they do it and assume others do too (here's another example, and here), is Bob Beckel, a Democrat with a "grass roots" company (which by the way, is an oxymoron) admits on Fox News, that he used to organize townhall meetings (read: stack them, plant them, stage them, astroturf), so he ASSUMES that's the case with the anti-Death Care Bill townhall meetings. Sadly, the likes of this guy can't fathom that people are actually reading the bill and are dissenting vehemently.

According to even liberal Media Matters: From the August 12 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom: start at time mark 1:30

BECKEL: You all ought to back off. Did he make progress yesterday? Yes, because he underscored a couple of things. How absolutely ridiculous and fearmongering these arguments are. And secondly, for anybody who believes that these things are not organized, I used to do this for a living. I used to get these town meetings organized with my grassroots company.

TANTAROS: Bob, the only thing that is organized are the unions showing up. Those are the most professionally made signs --
BECKEL: Oh, come on.
TANTAROS: No, look at the signs, Bob. They are professionally made. You can't tell me when you have a bill that is baked with every kind of political poison -- I mean, tax increases, half a trillion dollars in tax increases, penalties for businesses, something that's going to increase the national debt, something that's going to cut 500 billion for Medicare, you cannot expect anything but real outrage.
BECKEL: You believe -- you believe -- you really believe that this was a nonorganized, spontaneous outpouring of democracy?
BECKEL: If you believe that, then you believe in the tooth fairy.
TANTAROS: Oh, yeah.
BECKEL: I'm telling you, these people, they don't like this health care reform. I understand that, and they've got a right to be heard. But to suggest that they are not organized by groups on the other side that are spending their time calling these people, getting to these things, and saying, by the way, make sure you write handwritten signs. If you believe that that is spontaneous, then --
TANTAROS: Bob, keep telling yourself that.


grace said...

That's so interesting. Not surprising but it sure explains a lot. But interesting that he's so bewildered over the fact that there are legitimate people in America with legitimate concerns!

Denise said...

I know. Its like a liar running into someone who tells the truth but he can't believe anyone would actually tell the truth, therefore he thinks EVERYONE lies.

Isn't it funny too, how the politicans' "legitimate" concerns aren't our's? I wonder if they'd be willing to literally spill blood for their concerns like Patrick Henry was?