Thursday, August 13, 2009

When God Laughs

Keeping in mind our wicked times....

When God laughs

(Charles Spurgeon, "The Treasury of David")

"The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord ridicules them!" Psalm 2:4

Note God's derision of the rebellious! What will the King do unto those who reject Him? Mark the quiet dignity of the Omnipotent One, and the contempt which He pours upon His raging enemies. He has not taken the trouble to rise up and do battle with them--He despises them, He knows how absurd, how irrational, how futile are their attempts against Him. He therefore laughs at them! (Charles Spurgeon)

"The One enthroned in heaven . . ." Hereby it is clearly intimated,

(1) that the Lord is far above all their malice and power;
(2) that He sees all their plots, looking down on all;
(3) that He is of omnipotent power, and so can do with His enemies just as He desires. "Our God is in the heavens! He has done whatever He has pleased."
(Arthur Jackson)

"Sinners' follies are the righteous sport of God's infinite wisdom and power. Those attempts of the kingdom of Satan, which in our eyes are formidable, in God's eyes are despicable." (Matthew Henry)


Jim Burton said...

I love your quote by Charles Spurgeon in your header on discernment. I write an article for our local newspaper. In my last article I used his quote, thanks to you, for my theme.

Thanks Jim

Bevy said...

Great entry! I do find it COOL that God laughs in heaven when He sees those who oppose Him. :) God bless!