Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bill Clinton Gives Advice (warning, bullying) To the Tea Party People

Bill Clinton

"This Tea Party movement can be a healthy thing if they're making us justify every penny of taxes we raised and every dollar of public money we spend," Clinton said. "But when you get mad, sometimes you wind up producing exactly the reverse result of what you say you are for."~Source

Yeah, like the American Revolution! Those men should've just calmed down. They went too far. That's exactly the type of think Clinton is insinuating.

Funny how anger on the Left is always justified, but never on the right.

And why is anger always considered a bad thing by most people, even Christians? Why is passion so distasteful--except when its from the liberals? I see it as a way to just shut down the conversation and try to bully others into quiet submission. People in error don't like the Truth to shine upon their darkness. Its actually the liberals (in any arena) that are the ones that have no reasonableness to their anger--just the mindset of "You aren't the boss of ME!" . While claiming to be tolerant, they are extremely INtolerant of any and all opposing viewpoints.

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