Thursday, April 01, 2010

John Piper Defends Inviting Rick Warren To His Dg Conference

John Piper defends his inviting inter-faith, man-centered, Christ-hating,Roman Catholicism loving, Muslim-friendly, anti-Sovereign God heretic Rick Warren to his puplpit. Here's the confirmation and video.

I hope more people would align with Lane and Ingrid from Crosstalk blog/Slice of Laodicea, and myself when we say we can't endorse Piper. I couldn't since five years ago he started pulpit-sharing with X-rated Driscoll.

So what will it take for Christians to reject a man who is not faithful to Scripture and offers his audience absolute poison?

Jesus did not say sift the leaven from the Pharisees' teaching, now did He? Rather, He called the disciples to follow HIM. He condemned the pharisees across the board, as a whole, entirely, without exception, without qualification, full stop. Period.

Jesus did not EVER "agree to disagree" with the Pharisees of His day. So do you?


Biblical doctrine is not an issue to agree to disagree on. Its not a matter of opinion or view. Either what you hold to is biblical or its not. If its not, its sin. And we have Scripture and the Person and work of the Holy Spirit (via the Word and the local church/Christian brothers and sisters) to correct our wrong thinking. Phil. 4 says "think on whatever is TRUE" and John says "no lie is of the truth."

Time to utterly start rejecting false teachers, folks. Regardless of intentions (recall 1Chorn. 13 and the death of Uzzah) God demands us to do things HIS way.

I'm afraid more people will embrace Tricky Ricky Warren because Piper is endorsing him.

Piper endorses men of filthy mouths and false gospels. What do YOU think that says about his view of the Gospel? Compare that to Gal. 1:8-9.


Phil Perkins said...

Thanks for keeping track of these things for the rest of us.

Phil Perkins.

Gregg said...

Great Post! I am saddened but find I must not support him in anyway accept prayer.