Monday, April 19, 2010

Warren and PDL Contiue to Promote RCC: this is the theological depth that Piper's ok with

Watcher's Lamp's report : MORE proof that Warrenism continues to push Roman Catholicism through his PDL junk.

But it doesn't matter to a reformer like Piper. This is "Christian Hedonism"! As long as we all claim Jesus and maybe through in a tulip here or there.

If Piper is ok with Justification by works (via Federal Visionism and Doug Wilson, whom he promoted at the DG conference last year), what's more of the same via Warren's inter-faith junk which includes Roman Catholicism and Islam?

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Anonymous said...

I do agree that Piper is in error for allowing Warren, who does not seem able to distinguish non-believers from believers, and I pray that he would heed those of us who are concerned for the propagation of the one true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.