Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My Vote Is Too Precious To Waste On Adulterous Lying Politicians

This is the best the GOP has? Is this not an indictment on our leadership?

"ATLANTA (AP) -- Newt Gingrich says his passion for his country contributed to his marital infidelity. In an interview posted Wednesday by The Christian Broadcasting Network, Gingrich - who recently converted to Catholicism - said he had sought God's forgiveness for mistakes in his past....
The twice-divorced former U.S. House speaker has admitted he had an affair with Callista, a former congressional aide, while married to his second wife. It happened at the same time he was attacking President Bill Clinton for his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky."

Just like the GOP's "best" last time: McCain, in his 2002 book, has admitted to several cases of adultery and his current wife Cindy was one of those--while his wife then, Carol, was recovering from an accident that left her partially crippled to this day.. ~Source

According to the report, Gingrich will have Democrat Gov. Zell Miller as his co-chairman for his national campaign.

Men who can't stay married, men who have adulterous affairs, men who find common ground with Democrats (McCain is an expert at doing this too)....this is who you think can run a country with honor and integrity? Seriously? They can't even manage their own marriages well (McCain's wife and daughter are FLAMING liberals), yet "Christians" and "Conservatives" think this is "better" on some level?

Since when is divorce, adultery, and political compromise considered "better"? Better than what? And when you vote for a man without integrity, why then do you sigh and complain or act surprised?

Sorry, but my vote is worth a lot. My forefathers died to give me this privilege to vote, so I refuse to waste it on a bunch of corrupt, immoral men who are very good at lying to their wives, their children, their staff, their friends, and their votes and the media (all adulterers are liars). Nope, a candidate must EARN my vote. Its too precious to waste on men who have no integrity.

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