Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I'm Really Thinking I was Born In the Wrong Generation.

I'm really thinking I was born in the wrong generation. I believe men should open every door, pull out every chair, foot the bill on everything, and show the utmost respect to the ladies in their lives. I believe a woman should carry herself with dignity, character, and show some resemblance of respect toward the man who is respecting her. I believe families should go to Church, help their neighbors, respect other's property, and pay their own way as much as physically possible. I believe friends should be selfless, caring, and always willing to stand side by side even through the hard times. I believe rapists, murderers, thieves, etc should be PUNISHED to the full extent of the law. I believe children should act like children and NOT be the head of the household getting everything they want and then some. I believe parents should be leaders and providers, and NOT best friends with their children. I believe America should stand for justice, and exemplify integrity among the nations. I believe our representative government should be just that: farmers, doctors, roofers, teachers, nurses, and so forth, and NOT career politicians who have never had to work or struggle for anything in their lives.

But, that's not the Nation I live in. Many men are physically and emotionally abusive, if they even hang around their wives/girlfriends and children. Women are all too often saturating themselves in any and every man who'll give them five minutes worth of attention on facebook or in a text message, and they could care less about the man who actually loves and provides for them. The church is rarely considered unless folks want to get married, or need a building for a family reunion. Families aren't families anymore. Mom lives with her boyfriend, Dad lives with his boyfriend, and Grandmaw is taking care of the children. Thieves, murderers, and rapists are just misunderstood and sick, and they just need a hug and a pill. Friends are for a large part a thing of the past because all anyone cares about is themselves. Children rule the home, they're rude and arrogant, they're drunk, pill heads, and pregnant by 14 and all the while driving a $30k car they never paid for, and talking on a $300 phone they never paid for. Our government is the most corrupt in it's history and politicians are only working for whoever gives them the biggest donation.

But through it all I'm so thankful I have a church family who I can count on, a true Friend that sticks closer than a brother, and that I'm a citizen of a much better Kingdom. Can't wait to get there. But until I go, God willing, I will tell the truth about sin and salvation so as many as possible can go with me.

~ Joey Rogers

I could not  have said it better myself!

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