Thursday, July 19, 2012

J.C. Penney Stock Crashes Amid Homosexual "Marriage" Push

AFA reports:
Stock rated "junk" status, loses 50% since February, 350 layoffs at home office
The company is going downhill fast. Since February, the company stock has lost more than half its value, and Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered its credit rating on J.C. Penney Co. further into "junk" status.

Snapshot of J.C. Penney under same-sex marriage crusade 
February 2012 May 2012  June 2012 July 2012 
JCP announces Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson.JCP launches catalog ad featuring two "gay" moms.JCP launches catalog ad featuring two "gay" dads.JCP stock rated "junk" by S&P. JCP fires marketing exec.
Stock price:
Stock price falls to $35.67 Stock price falls to $25.83 Stock price falls to $20.02 

Praise the Lord! Perhaps they will reverse their pro-sodomite agenda and stop pushing such deviance in our faces.

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