Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spiral of Silence

Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, a German political scientist, set forth the theory of the "spiral of silence." Baptist Press writer Kelly Boggs rightly describes the spiral of silence as "the process by which an opinion becomes dominant in a society as a result of those who perceive their opinion to be in the minority remaining silent because they fear isolation." 

In our politically correct culture the spiral of silence is prevailing. It is popular, accepted, and applauded to endorse such things as homosexual marriage (for instance). Those who disagree with the practice are scared to voice their opinion because the majority labels them bigots, ignorant, hateful, unlearned, foolish, archaic, and not welcome in public discourse. These same people in the loud majority will then in the same breath begin talking about freedom of expression, everyone's right to their opinion, and the need for public discourse. Those things sound good coming from their mouths, but as the old saying goes "Do as they say, not as they do." The immoral majority lord over anyone who disagrees with their view, ostracize those who disagree with their views, and belittle and ridicule those who disagree with their views. This is the very bullying they claim they endured while "in the closet." Please know that I would never condone or associate myself with hateful violent people who have committed atrocious acts in times past against those they disagreed with. None the less, while pondering these things I started asking myself if there were times I started to say things, or express certain views, and because of fear of oppression from the "majority" I didn't say what I thought was true. Are we all guilty of that? Sure we are. And if we remain silent long enough, then the conviction of truth will diminish. As the conviction of truth diminishes, don't be surprised to find yourself some day embracing what you once clearly understood to be evil. You see every day we make choices. We choose to speak or remain silent. We choose to act or remain still. We choose to get involved, or just ignore. Why do we choose what we choose? Because we stand on the side of truth, or because we don't want to upset those who oppose truth? And I mean truth with a capitol T. 

I still believe in absolute truth. I still believe "Thus saith the Lord." I still believe that what God called evil, still remains evil to this day. But we are often silent because popular culture, pop stars, movie stars, and powerful people tell us what they think is correct and acceptable, and their influence drives the masses. But Dr. Martin Luther King once said the greatest tragedy was not the acts of evil men, but the silence and indifference of the good people. Therefore, it is with the utmost love and the offer of the the same free salvation that rescued a wretch like me, that I must at this moment stand against the majority and voice the unpopular position that living the life of homosexuality is sin against God. You can respond in anger with the empty platitudes of "well sin is sin!" Or, "Don't cast stones!" Or "Now you're judging!?" Well friend, sin is indeed sin, and it is all vile. Regardless of how much sin is in someone's life, it does NOT excuse the sin in yours and God commands you to repent. Yes the woman in adultery had her accusers turned away and her sin forgiven, but please read the rest of the story as then Jesus commanded her to "go and SIN NO MORE!". And I am not judging. God has already judged, and He called it an abomination. 

Now, in all this I am not condemning. We are already condemned. I can't do what's already done. I am however offering redemption. Regardless of man's transgression, whether sodomy, lies, theft, greed, regardless, I have the wonderful news that there is therefore NO condemnation in Christ Jesus. By repentance, which is turning away from sin, and faith in Christ one can be forgiven, be made new in Christ, receive a new nature and grace to overcome their sin! God saved me from a live of gambling. From that point on He has continued to convict me of sin and work on my life. I am a living testimony that sin can be conquered by grace. ANY sin. Just always remember this: Your pals will tell you to live however you want to live, and God accepts you just as you are. But I will tell you by the authority of His infallible word that He accepts you when you repent of your sin and turn to Him as the Lord of your life. Just remember, I loved you enough to offer you the real thing, and not just hand you sentimental emptiness that will carry you into fiery indignation. It's not about what feels right, or seems right, it's about what the Sovereign Creator of your very living soul has said. You'll stand and answer to Him someday. My prayer is that you will stand clothed in the righteousness of Christ. Love you, and I sincerely mean that.

~ Joey Rogers

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