Saturday, September 29, 2012

Airo Also Is Not Voting For Romney

Another blogger, Airo rings in on why he won't be voting for Romney.


More than Mitt Romney’s Mormon worldview, the undercurrent of deception through the mainstreaming of Mormonism precludes me from voting for him in November. This has been a concern of mine for a couple of years ever since I began observing the pluralistic religious right movement to “awaken America” from her moral decline. We’ve seen it with Rick Perry and the New Apostolic Reformation, and more popularly with Glenn Beck’s revival events. Glenn Beck has been a spearhead in this movement as he leads the charge of the religious right to “restore America” (most recently at the Under God Indivisible and Restoring Love events). In this video clip and subsequent article, you will see Glenn Beck, joined by prominent evangelicals applauding him, as he invokes the name of Jesus Christ as if he worships the same Jesus as Christians.
But it’s not just Glenn Beck who is bringing Mormons, Christians, Catholics, and Jews together under the banner of the same God, we are seeing it take place from the political pulpit. Take, for instance, the following prayer offered by Ken Hutchins, who is the current Mormon Stake President of Boston, at the 2012 Republican National Convention.
End quote.
For the entire list of reasons and documentation, go here.
I'm glad more men are coming out and explaining why they can't and won't vote for Romney.

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