Friday, September 28, 2012

The Gospel Alternative for this Election by Pastor Don Green

Good points from Don Green on why he's not voting in this election. I hope you give his reasons some true, biblical consideration.

He begins:

The Sobering Reality about this Election
I realize that Christians are upset with the Obama administration. I share their revulsion at his open embrace of abortion and the homosexual agenda. In light of that, the controlling question seems to be, “How can we beat Obama?”
I understand the impulse to embrace any candidate who presents a more conservative platform. But I think that’s a wrong way for a Christian to frame his thinking. There are inevitable consequences for the true church of Christ if Christians unite and openly support Mitt Romney.
Even though most Christians are downplaying this issue because it is politically inconvenient, Mormonism is a polytheistic cult that teaches a false Christ and leads souls to eternal damnation.
Its influence used to be isolated to certain geographic regions. What could more ratify the legitimacy of a false religion than to see one of its own elected as the leader of the free world with the outspoken support of evangelical Christians?
Further, if Romney is elected, how will Christians who cheered him forward have any credibility after the election when they warn others about the spiritual dangers of Mormonism? People will see the hypocrisy. “Mormonism is a threat to my soul? Aren’t you the same guy who was telling me to vote for the Mormon a few weeks ago?”
It can only harm the gospel.
Did Christ redeem us to do that?
End quote.
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