Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bill Nye: all talk but no face to face discussion with the Creationist Scientists That He Slams Personally

As many of you know, Bill Nye (called the “Science Guy” from PBS-TV) had a video on YouTube that has received millions of views—mainly the result of front-page promotion by much of the secular media giants (ABC-TV, CBS-TV,, etc.). Nye’s video was a harsh attack on those who reject evolution.
In response, AiG scientists Dr Georgia Purdom and Dr. David Menton posted a YouTube video in rebuttal.
Will Bill Nye debate? 
Well, we’ve already seen a lot of web chatter by secularists saying that they don’t debate creationists. They claim creation has nothing to do with science and that Christians like Dr. Purdom (with aPhD in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State) can’t be real scientists if they are creationists. 
They argue that there is no debate because evolution is fact. In other words, these secularists use every excuse they can put forward because ultimately, they do not want to debate creationists. They don’t want the public watching such a debate. They realize that when the public hears the creationist information that has been censored from them and learn how they’ve been brainwashed, they will definitely question evolution. 
Will the secular media take up our challenge and publicize our debate challenge as they did Bill Nye’s video? 
We suspect not. Because the secular media by and large support Bill Nye’s false statements about evolution and science, the mainstream media would not want the general public to hear anything else. It’s almost always this way. Most in the secular media aren’t out to report news—most of them have a very liberal anti-God agenda. But we are used to that.

To dare question or reject the cult religion of Evolution earns anger and personal attacks from the Left, which merely demonstrates they don't have a leg to stand on. What they are doing is defending their religion of Evolution, without which they are left with a dangling worldview that doesn't even work consistently nor rationally. 
Even the Evolutionist Richard Dawkins had to admit that he doesn't know how the "Big Bang" started--where that material came from to create it. At the end of the day, his reason for evolution---how we got here and why we are here---is nothing more than ignorance--simply he doesn't know. He's left with life beginning on Earth on the backs of crystals and aliens ( see "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" movie). He actually stated this. And since then he's also admitted that maybe, just maybe, there is an "Intelligent designer" that created everything. 

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