Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Experts Agree That ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood Groups Are "The Purest Expression of Islam"

As I have said so often, and this confirms it yet again, that terrorists like ISIS ARE true, quranic (my term) Islam:

And Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy vice president for research, said an attack on Christianity is the ultimate expression of Islam.
ISIS is the purest expression of Islamic doctrine, law and scripture,” she said.
A former CIA station chief who asked not to be identified for security reasons agreed the ISIS decision to destroy churches is consistent with their faith.
ISIS and all other Muslim Brotherhood groups, along with the Shiite groups like Iran and Hezbollah, are manifestations of true Islam,” he said.
All Muslims hate Christianity and Judaism … they have to; it’s mandated in the Quran and the hadiths,” he said. “To illustrate the true Islamic nature of ISIS, one simply needs to pull descriptions of Muhammad’s actions from history and also quote what he says via the Quran and hadiths about waging war against all non-Muslims, and the use of rape, torture and terror toward non-Muslims.”
End quote.

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