Friday, August 08, 2014

Two More Examples of Why I Say That A Muslim's Loyalty Will Always Be For Islam, the Quran, and Allah, No Matter His Country

Swedish politican Omeirat, who was running for town council in Filipstad, quit after making Muslim slurrs against Israel.

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“Politician quits after ‘Jewish pigs’ slur online,” The Local, August 5, 2014 
Omeirat was contrite as he resigned: “I regret what I said. It was the wrong choice of words and no one should say something like that.” Why not, Omar? After all, it’s in the Qur’an — own it!
Qur’an 2:65 — Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes: “And well you know there were those among you [Jews] that transgressed the Sabbath, and We said to them, ‘Be you apes, miserably slinking!’”
Qur’an 7:166 — Jews are apes: “And when they [Jews] turned in disdain from that forbidding We said to them, ‘Be you apes, miserably slinking!’”
End quote.
As  The Local (Swedish news site) reported:
"The entire Muslim world is sitting and watching while our brothers and sisters in Palestine are slaughtered by the Jewish pigs," Omeritat wrote on his Facebook page.
"May Allah strengthen those who defend Palestine, and be merciful towards the dead Muslims. Amen."
His Facebook page also included a flag used by the Islamist group Isis, local paper NWT reported.
The post quickly became public knowledge, and the young politician came under fire for his choice of words. 
Meanwhile, in the UK, British-born Baroness Sayeeda Warsi quit Parliament over the way  PM Cameron and the UK government is handling the Hamas/Israel war.
"Sayeeda Warsi stormed out, branding the Government’s stance on Israel “morally indefensible” and detrimental to Britain’s national interest.", reported the The Daily Express.
In her tweet, she said in part, according to the same Daily Express article:
“My view has been that our policy in relation to the Middle East Peace Process generally but more recently our approach and language during the current crisis in Gaza is morally indefensible, is not in Britain’s national interest and will have a long term detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically."
End quote.
A Muslim is a Muslim not matter his country. That's where his loyalty will always ultimately lie. Their worldview IS Islam.

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