Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wheaton Hires Open Lesbian As Spiritual Advisor For Students

World Magazine reports:

Three months ago Wheaton College, one of America’s leading evangelical undergraduate institutions, hired Julie Rodgers to provide spiritual care for students. Not surprising in some ways: She has a master’s degree in English, has mentored inner-city youth, and speaks at Christian churches and conferences. One surprise: She openly identifies as homosexual.
“The best way I can describe my experience of ‘being gay,’” Rodgers, 28, wrote on her blog, “is that with certain women I feel the ‘it’ factor: that sense of chemistry that longs to share life with them. … Most women feel that chemistry or longing for other men … while I usually feel like ‘bros’ with men.”
Wheaton, located just west of Chicago, sees homosexual behavior as sin. Rodgers, though, is a “gay celibate Christian”—someone who identifies as homosexual but does not act on her same-sex desires because she also believes such behavior is sinful....
In her role as ministry associate for spiritual care in Wheaton’s Chaplain’s Office, Rodgers has the special task of counseling students in Refuge, a community group at the college for students with same-sex attraction.

End quote.

The perverted and unnatural desire of sodomy is just that: UNNATURAL and it is a curse from God for those who reject Him as Creator (Rom. 1). It is not like any other sin: it is specially heinous to God, so much so that He destroyed entire cities for it. And never does Scripture state the desire is normal like any other sin, or that having the desire is ok. It denies both of these things. The desire shows the heart that is not changed, because this desire is unnatural. This notion of sodomy of the heart is a VERY NEW notion that "Christians" borrowed from doctrines of demons like psychology. So is the eternal victimhood and ever-recoverying/never recovered doctrine. It has historically NEVER been part of the thinking, much less accepted, by even "nominal" "Christians" until in the last 10 years or less.

"Rodgers said, “My convictions about how I am expected to honor God … are as integral to who I am as being gay is.” "  So she's blaming God for creating her this way. Yet Romans 1 expressly states that people BECOME sodomites by their own rebellious and wicked desires as the result of not acknowledging God. HE didn't create them this way. They CHOSE it. This woman needs salvation.

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