Friday, January 16, 2015

Civil Disobedience for the Christian?

Submission is not exempted because of race, geography, feelings, or experiences. Subjection is commanded. This includes police officers, judges, governors, prime ministers, Presidents, and other governing authorities. Appealing to the "Gospel" in order to rebel against these "ministers" of God is a sin. Using the pulpit as a means to incite rebellion against these authorities is equally a sin and has more to do with the false social gospel than the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ. It is fleshly and much like the chief architect of rebellion, Satan, to imply that authorities must be overthrown or resisted. The Christian is only commanded to disobey said authorities when he/she is asked to do that which is against Scripture. If this is not the case, then as cheerfully and dutifully as he desires to rebel, is as cheerfully as he must obey, to please His Lord. Do not test the authorities with your rebellion, because it is God who has given them the sword to execute judgment on those who disobey. And equally, lust for disobedience and contempt against governing authorities is a sure sign that one may not be a Christian at all.


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