Monday, January 12, 2015

Warn the Sisters of New Calvinism aka Reformed Charismatics

Biblical Christ Research Institute

We have neglected one thing. That is, to warn sisters of the same New Calvinist/Reformed-Charismatic threat that seems to have overtaken our men. So, as it stands, beware of these unholy alliances between the Word-Faith and so-called Reformed women. Among them: Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine and those who have led women astray through appearances of orthodoxy, emotional and mystical "devotions", the false prosperity teachings, humanism, as well as joint ventures with female heretics. Namely of the Word-Faith cult. It would be safe to equally avoid the men who build ecumenical bridges between the two and parade the "good" while not recognizing the "good" as the syringe through which poison is administered. Additionally failing to recognize that Satan transforms himself as an angel of light and equally disguises his ministers as servants of righteousness. Reject the slightest of error down to the minuscule of leaven.

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