Friday, January 02, 2015

Muslim Leaders in Australia Admit That Banning Terrorism Effectually Bans Islam

They have a point. It’s just usually one that they aren’t willing to admit in public. The Jihad comes from the Koran. Every act of Muslim violence that is religiously sanctioned, from terrorism to rape, is derived from the Koran. If you ban incitement to violence against non-Muslims, you criminalize the Koran....

You can’t ban terrorism without banning Islam.
In its submission, the Islamic Council of Victoria said the new law would incriminate Muslims who support “legitimate forms of armed struggle”, including resistance to the Assad regime in Syria and the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

~Frontpage Magazine

That's what I've been saying all along.  Jihadists are quranic Muslims, true Muslims. Islam is an extremely violent and evil political religion. It should be outlawed. It's loyalty is to Islam, not a country, which is why you see many Muslims from various countries; Western, Eastern, and Middle Eastern. A Muslim is a Muslim no matter the country.

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