Friday, May 29, 2015

Feminists Upset That Males Are Taking The Role of "Mother"

So the irony comes down to this: the feminists wanted to redefine femininity and motherhood, which meant that motherhood was no longer defined by the mother staying home and raising her own children, but now the next step has taken hold, as it always does, from feminism to sodomy. Now motherhood and wifery is redefined to be a male role. You know. The very thing the feminists were fighting against last century? Fight against the man. They can do it without the help of a man. Well, what's a good liberal going to do now? The door is open for men to be both mother and father (well, in claim but not in reality--there is a huge difference).In both cases, the role of motherhood--womanhood, really--is destroyed and perverted. No wonder families are falling apart and people are so confused and relationships are in such disarray.

Let's not forget what happened here.  We all lived through it, late sixties, early seventies was born the modern era of feminism, and it was rooted in deconstructing and ripping apart what they thought was a patriarchal society. 
A patriarchal society meant that men dominated everything.  They dominated the workplace, they dominated the home, they dominated the bedroom, they dominated the children, they dominated the money, they dominated the family car, they dominated the country club membership, everything.  And the feminazis were ticked.  They wanted to tear down this patriarchal society.  They said that motherhood was the primary culprit in keeping them chained to the home, so the modern era of feminism, feminazis began to attack conventional marriage and conventional relationships and motherhood by pointing out that this is how society kept women shackled into these old-fashioned subservient and subordinate roles, and they urged women to abandon all this. 
So at 42, some of them a little old, started adopting.  Single parent mothers adopting, staying on the job, maybe quitting, going home, not getting married, raising the child, maybe adopting another one.  This leads to gay marriage.  All kinds of things, all because of militant feminism deciding to upset millennia of tradition and institution. 
So now comes Germaine Greer upset at Elton John and David Furnish because David Furnish lists himself as the mother on the kid's birth certificate.  Well, who's responsible for this?  Who started this whole idea that motherhood really doesn't matter?  Who started this attitude that motherhood is a prison?  Who gave us the notion that motherhood shackles women and denies them?  Motherhood, child rearing -- do not doubt me if you weren't alive in the day -- all of that was attacked.  It wasn't just criticized, folks.  Mothers, women who chose to stay home, conventional nuclear family, Christian women were tarred and feathered and ridiculed and laughed at and made fun of, all because they wanted to be mothers. 

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