Tuesday, May 05, 2015

No Support From The Sisterhood

It's a weird world when the liberals won't even support a woman up and against Islam's jihadist attempt to murder an outspoken woman against free speech. Not even the sisterhood will cross that line. Not even for free speech. Liberals are not for free speech, but only for selective speech.

In fact these rabid feminists are now blaming the victim of the attempted murder.

Would they blame her if it was an attempt of rape by a Muslim? Yes they would (murder is worse than rape). No support from the sisterhood here.

It's not enough that the Muslims slice and dice people around the world for saying something negative against Islam or just simply refusing to accept it and it's book and founder. No, for the liberal, that's always acceptable, because it silences the pesky conservatives and Christians, which is why they are absolutely silent when women are castrated or slaughtered in the name of Islam. Burkas are even touted as sexist. For their field, you'd think the rabid feminists would be up in arms over the demand of women having to cover their entire bodies with black, thick sacks. No,  feminism doesn't trump anything. Not even attempted murder. What does is the shutting down of freedom of speech and religion (remember, Islam is a political machine, not merely a religion). What causes a rabid feminist to slam a sister? Her worldview. Just wait until Islam starts to dictate to these woman on what they can say or not say, how they should or should not dress, eat, behave, and believe. The sudden outrage will be too little, too late.

Will liberals blame Christians for being raped, murdered, lose their homes, etc? With liberals like these, who needs Muslims?

If anything, the Texas jihad has demonstrated this: liberals are as horrific as Muslims when it comes to free speech and the liberals have NO compassion when it comes to victims of jihad. 

This is a spiritual battle, one of doctrines, one of beliefs, one of the heart. One to silence what is true.

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