Thursday, October 29, 2015

13 Reasons Why America Should Not Admit Muslim "Refugees"

Excellent article on 13 reasons we should not allow Muslim "refugees" into our country.


They are not “refugees.” They are invaders; soldiers of Allah: What is unfolding is hijra, otherwise known as immigration jihad. It is written in the Quran and is a powerful strategy the Islamic world has used for many centuries to overwhelm nations and assert dominance. We must not allow our culture to be undermined and destroyed by increasing the population of Muslims in the United States. (See hereherehere, and here. See here for a book on the topic by Ann Corcoran.)

Terrorists will be among them: The FBI has stated this will be inevitable – that terrorists will slip through. It has already been documented in Europe. We cannot afford to import terrorists. Not a single one. (See hereherehere, and here.)
The number we admit will increase exponentially in a year or two...

Support for sharia law: More than half of Muslims in America want sharia law and 25% support violence against Americans who commit blasphemy against their religion and their prophet. The more Muslims we admit, the higher those already staggeringly high numbers will likely go. Sharia law conflicts with our Constitution. It makes no sense to import people who embrace an oppressive legal code that is not in line with our laws and our values, nor is it in our best interests to admit (more) people who feel justified in committing violent acts against Americans. (See here,herehere, and here.)
Lack of assimilation: Muslims in Western countries often form their own enclaves and do not assimilate. This is another way they assert supremacy and maintain Islamic values (such as they are) instead of adopting the values of the host country. It also increases the risk of developing no-go zones. It is not in our interest to admit people who prefer to live in insular communities, living life as if still in their native country. Assimilation is necessary to maintain our values and our identity as a nation. (See hereherehere, and here.)
There will be increased proliferation of mosques and Islamic schools: The more Muslims we admit, the more mosques and Islamic schools that will be built. More than 80% of mosques in the United States teach jihad and/or advance the idea of sharia law while many Islamic schools indoctrinate their students to distain non-believers. We cannot afford to have more Islamic institutions that teach hate and incite members to violence. In addition, mosques also double as military installations when the time is ripe. (See herehereherehere, and here.)

End quote.

~American Thinker

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