Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The "Gospel" Coalition's Thabiti Anyabwile Advocates Socialist and Anti-Christ Bernie Sanders

As Pulpit and Pen report, Thabiti Anyabwile (aka Ron Burns) is now advocating socialist Bernie Sanders for president:

Anyabwile is a social justice, anti-police preacher now, and the influence of Luis Farrakhan from his college days is clearly coming through, although he tries to infuse some things from Christianity to make it palatable.  Some of Anyabwile's history is given in the report as well. I've reported on him here.

The bottom line is why would a Christian (also a pastor and a leader in the TGC), promote a Democrat leader when the DNC has removed God from their platform, is pro-abortion, and pro-homosexuality? Moreover Sanders is a socialist and socialism is against Scripture's call for believers to be working for their own food with their own hands and provide for their families (aka personal responsibility).  Also, the fact that Thabiti's call for rebellion for a supposed disenfranchised group is wrong--even the premise is wrong. Racism against Blacks isn't "the" issue now; fatherless families and a willing to work for one's own keep is. Moreover, with Obama and the invention of Black Lives Matters, not only has anti-law enforcement grown, but so has hatred and prejudice against white people by these liberal black people. This is NOT biblical in any way. It's self-serving, it's false, and it's a distraction from the real issue which is salvation and Christ Jesus and His glory. White guilt and socialism is a disgrace and should be rejected.

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