Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Christianity" Today and Wheaton College Promote Sodomy

'Christianity' Today has printed another article by a Wheaton College student promoting sodomy. It's fair to call this another guilt piece of shameful phariseeism to bully Christians into tolerating such wickedness.

"Lately, I’ve asked myself how I could do more to improve the atmosphere at Wheaton for other gay students like myself. I’m a male exclusively attracted to other males, and have struggled with anxiety and depression from my time in high school. From stories that I heard while growing up in a fundamentalist culture, I thought that all gay Christians had no option but to ignore their orientation as much as possible and pray that God would make them straight. However, after eight years of trying this, I’m still gay. This has not impeded me from continuing to love God, and he continues to palpably reveal himself to me. …"
What he thought was depression and anxiety was probably a guilty conscience. Also, there is no such thing as a "gay Christian"--his presumption is outright wrong.

Anti-sodomy is now condemned as "fundamentalist" (as if that's a dirty word, but we know that's the implication). But God has in all ages, since Genesis, been against sodomy on every level in every culture. I've written about this numerous times, so I won't liste all the verses here. Feel free to do a search on my blog for them.
Moreover, he hasn't received rebuke from anyone at Wheaton, whether students or faculty. It's all been good. These "Christians" call his openness about his sexual perversion as "brave", having "great courage" and, if you can believe this, "strength of character". He even uses 2 Tim. 1:7 about not having a spirit of timidity but of power and self-control. Yeah. He really used THAT one on people. And himself. And he had the gall to call Scripture "inspired" while being in outright rebellion against it.
I'm left to say yet again, that Wheaton is no longer a Christian school.

More problems of why this is not a Christian school:

"After my second piece ran in the Record, I received an email from provost Stanton Jones, the former chair of Wheaton’s psychology department, who has written extensively on sexual orientation and psychology. He said he was intrigued by my essays and applauded my courage and my evident commitment to Christ....Near the end of our conversation, we did discuss the ethics of same-sex relationships, since he has studied the psychology and ethics of homosexuality for much of his career, and only then did I articulate my celibate place. But Jones’s primary aim was to get to know me."

Psychology denies the sound doctrines of: Creation, total depravity, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the absolute and sole authority of Scripture, and sanctification. When a school has a psych department that necessarily means they do in fact reject these doctrines.

The most pathetic of all was that no one has told this enslaved man that he's in rebellion and the only escape is through salvation in the biblical Christ Jesus of Scripture. Instead, they have all---without exception-- endorsed his perversion as "brave" and have even thanked him for being so open about his shameful deeds of darkness:

"Several weeks after these interactions, someone critical of the college asked me, “So has anyone taken you aside and asked about your relationship with Jesus?” Translation: Have college authorities tried to find out whether you are a “real Christian”? In a tactful way, I had to respond that no one had. Throughout the process, almost everyone whom I’ve known in the community has been level headed and helpful."

Rom. 1: 32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

Yes, as usual, people are wanting to not be black and white on an issue like sodomy in order to appear "fair and balanced" or as they said in this article, "level headed and helpful". This isn't level headed nor helpful. It is encouraging deeds of darkness (as Eph. 4 calls it) and it's spiritual death which isn't helpful to give spiritual life and light. Aiding those who are enslaved in sexual perversion (whether "of the heart" or also of the body--and please, who is a sodomite that has not acted on their perversion? Because this is fruit of a dead heart, there's no fruit of self-control) is not helpful, it is hurtful. As Scripture says, it's hating their soul because you see their sin and you encourage it instead of rebuking it.

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