Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Recent Creation Is Important

Excerpts from Henry Morris III on why a recent Creation is so important:

ICR has documented enormous amounts of scientific evidence that confirm the biblical record of a recent creation...And though such evidence may well never convince those who reject the God of creation, the Bible itself should be the convincing argument for those who claim they have been twice-born by the supernatural power of the Creator (Ephesians 4:24)....

All our deliberations regarding recent creation essentially flow from how we view Scripture.

The higher our regard for the words of the text, the more careful we are with the interpretation of the text.
The more we use the other words and passages in Scripture to define and clarify a given text of Scripture, the less we are inclined to allow extra-biblical information to alter the obvious rendering of that text....

Whenever He reveals anything, He must reveal the truth about Himself and His nature.

The idea that God used any type of evolutionary process to “create” His world contradicts Scripture’s presentation of God as the omniscient Creator.
He could not and would not experiment. Since He knows, He must do.
He could not and would not produce an inferior product.
He must create, shape, and make only that which is good.
Evolution demands both experimentation with creation and the creation of inferior forms. In evolution, there is no permanent “good.”
The issue of a recent creation also impacts how we view what is good versus what is evil and how that fits with God’s character.
~End quote. Bold, italics,original. Red, my emphasis.
For the whole article including verses to support the points, go here. Morris also goes into how the heresy of death prior to Adam and the Fall destroys the need for the atonement and the whole teaching of Scripture becomes mere allegory. Such heresy which flows from evolution is spiritual death.

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