Friday, May 27, 2016

The Two-Book Fallacy

The two-book view is actually a fallacy. The reason is simple: Nature is not a book. It is not something that is comprised of statements in human language. It is not something that a person can literally read or interpret in the same way that we interpret a sentence. This isn’t to say that people cannot learn anything from nature. But it is not a book or record that contains propositional truth.
The advantage of a book is that it is comprised of clear statements in human language that are designed to be understood by the reader. The meaning of a book is the intention of the author. But that’s not the case with nature. What does a rock mean? What does a fossil mean? They don’t literally mean anything because they are not statements made by an author who is intending to convey an idea...

~ICR, "The Two Book Fallacy" by Jason Lisle, PhD.

Truth is revealed by God in Scripture and it tells us all we need to know for life and godliness. We cannot use what is fallen and corrupt and earthly, to interpret what is infallible, pure, and spiritual. Truth is revealed and explains the who,what,where, when, how, and why of life, God, marriage, beauty, origins, the End, salvation, why the world is the way it is, etc. These things are not discoverable; they are revealed by God in His Word.

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