Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Clayton Jennings: he's taking a hiatus but will be back

According to Polemics Report:

Well, it appears that the pressure is on, because now, Jennings has “postponed all events until further notice.”

Notice, Jennings hasn’t confessed to abusing his spiritual authority to promise a young lady marriage, meet her, lower her inhibitions with alcohol, commit fornication, and then give her the abortion pill and attempt to cover up the matter with ongoing deceit. Yet, he has postponed his events “until further notice.”

Other churches as well are telling people that he will reschedule those events in just a few, short months. These include, for example, Bedford Acres Christian Church, which expressed as much in an email to Pulpit & Pen admin, Tim Weakley.

End quote.

As usual, Evangelicalism will give him three months to "rehabilitate" and then he'll climb back onto the state. Like Driscoll, Swaggart, and others before him, these men are arrogant and refuse to be humble and repent.

This is why judgment is beginning in the churches by God Himself.

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