Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Music- from 200 A.D.'s Arius To Today's Hillsong and "Jesus" Culture

One of the worst heretics of all time, Arius  who lived in the 200's A.D. denies the deity of Jesus Christ. He spread his heresy through catchy tunes that everyman like sailors, travellers, and millers would like and that was one way he dispensed his spiritual hatred of Christ. Brandon Hines at "Pulpit & Pen" goes on to say this is the same with Hillsong today:

This expansion is problematic, as Hillsong teaches such dangerous doctrines as the Prosperity Gospel and what appears to be a Universalist view of the Atonement. They have scandalously compromised with homosexuals and provided shamefully immodest entertainment on their stages. Hillsong is a dangerous cult that should not be trusted to write songs for their own church, let alone songs that people sing worldwide.
Like Arius, Hillsong uses music that is pleasing to the ears as bait to ensnare the hearers further into their false doctrine. Hillsong isn’t the only cult that does this, though. Bethel Church in Redding, CA has written many songs like “One Thing Remains” that have been major hits, and their band Jesus Culture is a big hit in Contemporary Christian Music. However, once people are drawn in, they are taught that to believe in Biblical Sufficiency is Idolatry and introduced to a less-than-stellar view of the Trinity. 

~ "Enchanted and Ensnared By Music", Pulpit & Pen

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