Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Don't Want A Constitutional Republic Electoral College? Here's why that's a dangerous idea

"I hope everyone who wanted to end the electoral college now understands why a direct vote for president is not a Republican government feature and is not in our best interest for true representation. The electoral college allows true representation across a broad and vast environment. Just look at this map and you will see that a direct vote would steal representation from most of the country and give it only to big cities and in only high populated areas. We can never abandon the electoral college and by doing so would eliminate the Republic and instill a direct true democracy which history has showed [sic]to us always exhauts [sic], commits suicide and dies. As it is now, trump [sic] lost the popular vote but won the electoral college. He would have lost in a direct election and 3/4 s of the country would not have been heard or represented." ~ Frank (Thomas Jefferson FB page)

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