Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Demanding Michael Brown To Act Upon Convictions He Doesn't Have.

According to Pirate Christian Radio:

"Recently, in an exchange on his Facebook page, Dr. Michael Brown was challenged (by Steven Kozar, Chris Rice, Amy Spreeman and others) to call out these false teachers in order to protect his listeners from their very bad doctrine. False teachers like Jennifer LeClaire, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and Benny Hinn. Nobody suggested that Dr. Brown personally attack these people, but simply compare their teachings to Scripture. He repeatedly refused. Strangely,  he did not fully endorse them; instead he used vague generalizations like "as far as I know these are fine Christians."  Dr. Brown wants to be respected as a very knowledgeable scholar and expert, but he continually expresses ignorance about the people and teachings from within his very own movement. Dr. Brown promotes these people on his own radio show, and he's been a guest on Benny Hinn's TV show."

There's an underlying problem with these people who are demanding Brown reject these NAR leaders as heretics: he's a Charismatic and therefore has doctrines of demons himself. It was Michael Brown who came out slamming against John MacArthur and the Strange Fire conference. It's no wonder he won't touch them, for his own movement says to do so would be to "touch God's anointed" and do "His prophets" "harm". Brown isn't ignorant; he's deceived and a deceiver himself. That's why these others can't understand Brown's hesitation in calling them out for their error. It's like Republican scratching their heads wondering why the GOP leaders don't reject the DNC's bills like Obamacare and supporting Planned Parenthood and big government. It's not that they haven't communicated the conservative stance well enough, but it's because they agree with it and they aren't conservative. You can't fight for something you don't believe in, nor can you fight against something you don't think is absolute error--whether in politics or "Christianity".

People need to wake up to the reality that these leaders (political and religious) aren't ignoramuses--they are liberal. If they get that, then it will all make sense. One can't demand a liberal to act like a conservative and then get upset when they don't--which is what they are doing of Brown. In other words, they are demanding Brown to act upon convictions he doesn't have.

It also reveals that all these people demanding Brown reject the NAR folks, themselves are ok with his Charismaticism (as is Grace To You which I addressed here, where I said, " the problem with Charismatics is that first they dismiss Scripture as being the fully sole authority for the Christians' doctrine and practice, they rely on experiences, which then leads to  their "epic failure" to warn about false teachers. It is precisely because of a low view of Scripture and a high view of man that the Charismatics refuse to rebuke and reject false teachers. And that's exactly what you have in New Calvinism and its refuse to rebuke and reject false teachers like Piper, Warren, and Driscoll.") They are themselves ignoring absolute biblical Truth and instead are quite Post-Modern (my truth versus Brown's truth), as if God hasn't already spoken clearly in the Bible on these doctrines which these "more solid" Evangelicals seem to think are matters of opinion. In fact, it probably says a lot more about those folks than Brown himself. They presume his Charismaticism is nebulous. That's a demonic tactic right there. Back in 2014 I said,

A Charismatic is a Charismatic (especially someone like Brown or John Piper for that matter) and is fundamentally flawed in his or her view of Scripture, God, authority, gifts, ecclessiology, the Gospel, etc. Its a fundamental problem. That's why they easily embrace false teachers because their own low view of Scripture dictates anything is up for grabs---especially if  they think God "could be" working in such circles. They will always give room to them as if they are brothers; to do otherwise would invite the judgment of God upon them  for touching God's anointed (that's how they think).
By trying to give credibility and wide tolerance for the likes of what some imagine to be "moderate" Charismatics, you end up not only surprised when such a person embraces a heretic (why?) but worse have handed him a platform, time, and cover to do more damage.  That's why we can't call such men "moderate" Charismatics because these men (learned men, at that), go and embrace damnable doctrine and teachers. I don't find that honorable, respectable or acceptable. If the tree is bearing bad fruit, then the tree is bad. Get it? You gave Brown and Piper cover--now look at what they are doing: defiantly defending and sharing the pulpit with false teachers, violating 2 John 9-10 and falling into condemnation of v. 11.
Btw, the fact that Michael Brown didn't get thrown out of the TBN studio after the first taping, but stayed for five proves he did not address with holy wrath the utter blasphemy of Benny Hinn.

End quote.

That still remains for this new round of demands by Evangelicals like Amy Spreeman and others. 

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