Friday, May 26, 2017

Os Guinness

According to the "Christian" Post:

"The Church in America is at the "low ebb" of society when it comes to its overall impact on today's culture and is in need of "reformation" so that it can once again be the "salt" and "light" that Jesus called it to be, evangelical author and social critic Os Guinness said."

Os Guinness is an Anglican. The Anglican church is unbiblical both in foundation (founded on sexual immorality by King George VIII) and in doctrine (works righteousness, the Apocrypha).

Guinness of course, gets into Covenantalism and tries to apply it to America, which is wholly wrong (that's another post for another day). 

While he's rebuking America's churches for not being influential enough--and their need for reformer, his own church is liberal. It has women in leaders and is Charismatic. This is highly hypocritical.

A look at his church, The Falls Church Anglican

In addition, as of of today, their process for ordination in their Mid-Atlantic diocese does not require the person to be male. Scripture, however, repeatedly makes it clear that only men are to be leaders within the church. I deal with women in leadership here.

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lyn said...

Good post sister. This is the height of hypocrisy isn't it? Perhaps they need to heed the warning to remove their log from their eye before they try and remove the spec of others.