Friday, May 19, 2017

On John Piper's "Sacred Schizophrenia"

Piper is doing the usual 'brilliant' contextualization of scripture. He found something he could use and I believe he got it from here.
Piper is a fake. He is inventing new terms for what is already sufficient and explained perfectly in God's Word. Add those up and you have a man who does not believe in the sufficiency of scripture and uses his own means to pervert it and tickle ears. Also what is horrid is that in his talk at Boyce there was not one mention of our great Savior, no mention of our sin (which IS our old man/nature/Adam), and no peace and joy in the reality that IN Christ we are JUSTIFIED. (new man/new nature/new Adam). In Piper we have an agonized Christianity where we strive and strive for Piper's nirvana of "christian hedonism" where "normal man", per Piper's ranting, will never achieve it, which makes it works. He then creates a Sacred Schizophrenia that no man on earth can attain, yet toward the end of his talk, he speaks of what glory it will be to be with in eternity. (note: no talk of Jesus). It is not only psychological but 1960 hippie-ish language demeaning the redeemed listener.

One concludes with an, "Oh to be like Piper" instead of, "Oh to be like Jesus".
Piper believes in a 'here and now' glorification (evidently Piper has acquired this). Piper should never speak of eternity because he misses justification completely. It means NOTHING to him. Piper makes the cross of Christ unattainable. Jesus' sacrifice for our sins is negligible while he places full focus on some kind of mystical experience with 'god' that is psychologically based and mentally and physically 'sensed' DURING Piper's 'speeches' or at "Passion" (note that word) conferences!


emerybayblues said...

Thank you for posting this. All the other critiques of this commencement speech have been nothing but positive.

Denise said...


I'm so glad my friend's insights were of encouragement. It's disheartening to see Evangelicals rally around such nonsense and pretend it's of Christ when it isn't. May your heart be encouraged to continue testing all things by the Word of God and increase in love and loyalty to Christ alone no matter what. We need the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit (the Word) constantly in this spiritual battle. May we be faithful slaves of Christ.