Sunday, June 10, 2018

Black & White Child Poverty Isn't Due To Race, But To Whether They Live In A Two Parent Home

The Heritage Foundation's report on the issue of black versus white child poverty--and it has nothing to do with skin color.


This CDA Report attempts to identify the primary causes of child poverty in the United States, using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, a representative sample of Americans produced by the U.S. Department of Labor.2 We also examine the differences in black and white child poverty and seek to uncover the causes of those differences. This analysis reveals the following:
  • The major underlying factors producing child poverty in the United States are welfare dependence and single parenthood.
  • Race per se is not a factor in producing child poverty; race alone does not directly increase or decrease the probability that a child will be poor.
  • When a black child is compared with a white child raised in identical circumstances, both children will have the same probability of living in poverty.
  • Similarly, when whites with high levels of single parenthood and welfare dependence (matching those typical in the black community) are compared to blacks, the poverty rates for both groups are nearly identical.
  • Black American children are more likely to live in poverty than are white children, primarily because black children are far more likely to live in single-parent families and to be on welfare.
Black and white Americans differ dramatically in marriage patterns and welfare dependence. In 1999, 68.8 percent of black American children were born out of wedlock. By contrast, the out-of-wedlock birth rate for white Americans was 26.7 percent.3 Similarly, black children were five times more likely to be dependent on welfare from the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program4 than white children. Since single parenthood and welfare dependence are the primary factors producing child poverty in the United States, any meaningful strategy to reduce the disparities in black and white child poverty must focus on increasing marriage and reducing welfare dependence among blacks.
End quote.
For the full article, go here. For more recent info on how the marriage penalty is hurting low income communities, go here.
Larry Elder, Dr. Walter Williams, and Dr. Thomas Sowell have all spoken on this numerous times. It's too bad that the social justice warriors of Evangelicalism haven't done their research nor do they look at things biblically (the men above and the report I quote is from the world's standpoint, which condemns the Evangelicals all the more because they should see that sin is the underlying problem--that is to say, sin always has consequences. And I'm not talking about those true Christians who do live in actual poverty (sorry, American poverty really isn't poverty) as God is sovereign over everything). 
Also, Jesus said the poor we'd always have with us. It's not the Christian's focus to try to get rid of poverty or slavery or what have you. There is no call nor any example of social justice (as defined by modern Evangelicalism) and/or to over turn the government in Scripture (ironically today's Evangelicals' idea of justice is actually unjust as their presupposition is that white Christians are racist and are to blame for slavery (see TGC's Ron Burns/Thabiti Anyabwile's  and Matt Chandler's views spewed at MLK50). The Christian's call is to submit to King Jesus and be obedient to Him and all His commands throughout all of Scripture. The world is growing worse as He said it would. He will deal with these things when He returns to Earth again. 

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