Friday, June 29, 2018

"Harvard University exemplifies everything that is wrong with the American educational system"

Shiva Ayyadurai nails Harvard. Here are some excellent excerpts:
However, today, the same people who control education at Harvard also dominate Wall Street, write the nation’s laws, and operate global behemoths like Monsanto. They are a singular cohesive community who funnel vast sums of money to themselves, draft self-serving policies, control judicial appointments, own the media, grant taxpayer monies to non-profits, while creating monopolies from tax cuts, bailouts and venture funding.
They do all this and work with intelligence agencies that illegally surveillance innocent Americans. To add insult to injury, Harvard faculty generate propaganda -- academic, “peer-reviewed” papers --- that claim their method of running the world is the best, while trampling our political and free speech rights.
In short, Harvard is the alpha and omega of the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex -- the “Deep State,” a term we often hear these days. Almost every problem in the world -- be it corruption, an economic crash, mass poverty, or a civil strife -- can be traced back to “experts” at Harvard.
Meanwhile, Harvard faculty preach, with a neo-messianic attitude, that they are the saviors of the poor and oppressed. They purport to know the plight of African-Americans by supporting affirmative action, but their faculty roster, especially Warren’s Harvard Law School, reflects apartheid within. Harvard professors, who write our laws, want to tax us, but Harvard is tax-exempt.
Harvard professors rant against Wall Street and the power of big banks, but Harvard is a $40 billion Wall Street hedge fund with a “university” facade, which uses a relatively meager $2 billion to fund its educational activities. Harvard professors lament against gentrification, but Harvard has invaded and destroyed the diverse local Cambridge neighborhood taking over prime real estate from the poor. Its greed has no bounds, even spanning continents to displace black farmers in Africa and grabbing their lands.
End quote.

Go here for the full article. While he is running for Senate, I don't endorse him since I don't know him. But what he says about academia is right on the money(although he misses the spiritual aspect which is driving all we see coming from academia).

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