Thursday, June 07, 2018

Revoice Conference Hosted by the PCA

With the PCA's "Revoice" conference coming up which is pushing the gay agenda (and anyone who dissents on Twitter gets blocked by the pastor who's church is hosting the event and threatened with the police if they show up), we're also seeing the PCA (Tim Keller) go the same way as did the RCA, PCUSA, and Desiring "God" Ministries/Bethlehem Baptist Church.


lyn said...

Christians need to connect the dots. Keller is founder of TGC, one of the editors of TGC is Sam Allberry, a homosexual. I put this together to help expose this 'evangelical' push to normalize sodomy and have pity on them, after all, they 'struggle' with 'same sex attraction'. You'll find links within my post that deal with 'same sex attraction' as well.

The great falling away is picking up MUCH steam.

lyn said...

It seems the SBC has decided to reject the ban on 'conversion therapy'

Here are some 'bullet points' from their resolution you may find interesting...

RESOLVED, the Southern Baptist Convention will express its unequivocal support for all ministries in Southern Baptist Churches, to offer loving assistance to people suffering from same-sex attraction, so that they may turn from homosexuality to heterosexuality
RESOLVED, the Southern Baptist Convention exhorts Christians neither to be indifferent nor to support homosexual identity politics, but rather to support all Christian brothers and sisters who seek the church’s help in turning from homosexuality to heterosexuality
RESOLVED, the Southern Baptist Convention supports the right of followers of Christ to receive pastoral counseling and biblically sound therapies that help restore the believer's sexual identity and rightly orders the loves of the heart,
RESOLVED, the Southern Baptist Convention respects and affirms the right for those formerly enslaved by the sin of homosexuality to live celibate lives devoted to God or to marry an opposite-sex spouse reflecting the sexual relationship of God's design

I don't have to point out the red flag issues with these statements to you.