Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Do you mourn like the world?

Well said:

Rachel Barkey (nee Sawer) went home to glory on the July 2nd 2009. She was the speaker at a Women’s event on the topic Death is not Dying, which has been an inspiration to many.

In light of the maddening near incessant coverage of the death of Michael Jackson, why not meditate rather on the death of our dear sister and the testimony she lefts behind? As Christians, we should be holy and separate from the world. I personally find it objectionable when Christians are in mourning over the death of Michael Jackson just like the world. [And don't give the nonsense that we should mourn because he is lost; I don't see many people mourning for the deaths of the multitudes of the lost that die every day without Christ!] . Being called to be separate from the world, we should have tastes and desires that are not of this world, and should treasure godliness above human *talent* and popularity

I'd further add, if Christians really had a clue or believed about the reality of Hell, we would be declaring the biblical Gospel to the lost far more than what we do, IF we do. Instead, most are too busy being friends of the world to bother; others haven't a clue what the actual Gospel is and is not.

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Prodigal Knot said...

You are right, sister! The death of God's saints is precious in His sight and should be in ours also.

I am sorry that Michael Jackson never truly sought after God; because the scriptures tell us if he had, he would have found Him.

And I, like you, find it incomprehensible that any Christian would bemoan the loss of this "great artist" who was miserably unhappy, vain and self-serving. Yes, I know about "We Are The World" and it was a good benefit, but it completely ignored the causes of the need - sin, selfishness, greed and disobedience.