Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ricky Warren Doing Islam's Dirty Work

Reports of Muslims persecuting Christians are hitting the news again, while Ricky Warren ignores it and blathers on about his beloved "PEACE" plan.

What you have to realize is that when the Muslims clap and applaud him, they are NOT, I repeat, they are NOT finding common ground with him, but rather they are finding an easy target, a vessel of their choice, a way in to infiltrate Infidel America and "evangelical christianity".

The quran demands that all other religions are wrong and Christians in particular, have a wrong god (even though we know historically Muhammad stole notions from various pagan religions and created his own). They believe Allah is the right god and that he has nothing in common with the God of Scripture.

Warren is Islam's new spokesman in the West. Once we accept Islam and Muslims as good-doers, innocent of violence and blood, unlikely cadidates for persecuting Christians, Islam will demand more. They demand full submission or die by the sword. And Ricky Warren is handing "Christians" over on a silver platter for his own advancement, which will utterly fail, by the way.

So when you see vast Muslim groups clapping their hands at Ricky, just remember, they see a puppet they can easily manipulate and are glad he's doing their dirty work.

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Anonymous said...

Muslim has 2 or 3 groups. Those who are fanatics ... those who are religious and get something out of it b'c of FEAR of the fanatics - who keep them in line and those in the Muslim world who are just there b'c they are ALSO afraid of the fanatics.
I agree that courting this group is pretty much a waste of time.
Have you read the Voice of the Martyrs "Iran - Desperate for God" It's really good as almost all of the ones that are telling their story were soooooo tired of the empty religion that is Islam.
So his BETTER thing to do - although I know he doesn't have it in his heart - is to tell them the GOSPEL - but that's too much to ask a DEAD man to do. :( Very sad!