Friday, July 24, 2009

Ricky Warren's Upcoming Book

Ricky Warren is at it again:


“I’m in book writing mode right now,” Warren reported in a broadcast to his church members Thursday. “I’ve gone back into hibernation to write the follow up to Purpose Driven Life now, eight years later. It’s going to be called The Hope of the World, and my plan is to release that on Easter Sunday – our 30th anniversary – next year.”

Last year, Warren released The Purpose of Christmas, his first book since Purpose Driven Life. The 125-page gift book, which Warren called “the most evangelistic book I’ve ever written,” hit the New York Times’ list of top 5 bestselling Hardcover Advice books after two weeks on the bookshelves.

All net proceeds of The Purpose of Christmas have gone to benefit Warren’s PEACE Plan – a global initiative created to mobilize millions of Christians in the fight against the five global “giants” of spiritual emptiness, self-centered leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic disease and illiteracy/education.

End quote.

If his "Christmas" book was the most evangelical book he's ever written, then he's admitting that the other PDL books aren't.

Besides the fact that Warren doesn't know the Gospel hence its missing from Warren's writting and speaking.

This also yet again verifies that Warren's driving agenda is his little PEACE program, NOT the Gospel, because his plan is about humanitarian deeds, not Jesus Christ.

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Bevy said...

Released on EASTER and doesn't talk about Jesus - hummmm that's weird - I bet there will be LOTS of talk about what HE'S been doing though the last 8 years. GAAAG! I've never been able to even buy a Purpose Drivel anything ... :) God bless you!