Saturday, August 04, 2012

Legalism: what is it and what it is not

I came across an excellent article on legalism. I'd like to share it.

In part it says:

In essence the Pharisees and those like them, created a “god” who was fashioned after their own likeness.
The Pharisees did not outright deny the Mosaic Law. They pretended to live by the law and defend it. What they in fact did was add and delete several provisions of God’s Holy law.
They had the appearance as righteous, religious moralists who were rigid in morality but flexible in theology.
Jesus rebuked them for honoring the traditions of men above the Word of God. (Mark 7:8)
Just as the Pharisees, true legalists pretend to be spokesmen of God, but their heart’s allegiance is to the world:
Today, the modern Pharisee, unable to recognize Christ, His servants, nor His message,  often calls true Christians legalists, who preach true holiness (without which no man shall see the Lord) and those who rebuke their love of sin.
They do church for the so-called unchurched and, just like their Pharisee predecessors, adjust the commands of God to suit their sin and the sins of those in their congregations. This enables them to continue bankrolling their “ministries”

~ Doron Gladden. See the entire article for the context and a plethora of Scriptures and more examples, go here.   

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