Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Love" of "Christians" Used As A Weapon Against Biblical Christians

Often believers are told they are intolerant, unloving and narrow-minded for not going with the flow of an ever-changing culture. Many Bible believing Christians are dismayed by the way they are being rejected by not just the world, but their friends, family members and even those in their church for standing firm on God’s Word as truth. But we’re told not to be surprised when these things happen, and certainly not to be troubled. When we love God above what others think of us, it honors and pleases Him.
Joining us today is Scott Alan Buss, author and also contributing writer here at Stand Up For The Truth. ), Scott’s books include, The Beginning of Knowledge: Christ as Truth in Apologetics,and his latest articles include Weaponized “Love”: The perversion of Christian love into a weapon of Christian persecution.

Now, I do not know Buss or the book, so I can't endorse them, but Stand Up has been solid from all I have read, and this quote is spot on. An increasing number of "Christians" are tolerant of wolves and of doctrines of demons and so intolerant of the Truth and biblical Christians. It is a case of "those who call evil good, and good evil". They wish to silence the Truth for the sake of fake peace and fake unity and fake love. This isn't biblical agape love, it's self-indulgent fleshly, worldly love. The kind God hates.

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