Monday, November 03, 2014

More Mars Hill Pastors "Repent" In An Open Letter

Some pastors from Mars Hill came out with an open letter of apology to two men they sinned against for years, Brent Meyer and Paul Petry.

While part of me is glad, and indeed they should publicly and profusely apologize for sin, the cynic in me notes that only after MHC imploded & Driscoll left, did these pastors along with Steve Tompkins, finally come out and apologize & perhaps repent. The timing is suspect... Like rats jumping off a sinking ship but were happy to stay on board while it was good for them . It's easy to apologize when it's safe, when the bully is gone. This smacks of political posturing to me. Bottom line all of them are disqualified & the true proof of repentance would be that they would admit this & never try to be pastors again.

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