Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pentatonix, Sodomy, and Softening the Biblical Axe

Stand Up For The Truth has written an article on Pentatonix. Apparently, as talented as the groups is, they have two openly sodomites and one "Christian". The problem addressed in the article is about how professing Christians are embracing this group despite it's rebellion against God in their open perversion of sodomy. I agree, there is an  increasing tolerance for wickedness by "Christians" in the name of "love" (a disguise for acceptance and begging of the God-hating world to like them and not be mad at them). I'm glad to be made aware of this group. I've seen their name before but knew nothing about them.

There is something that bothers me about the article. Contrary to the writer's declartion,I do believe it is right to point out the sin in others as long as we are doing it from a biblical standpoint and not a hypocritical one (which was the point of Matt. 7). In other words we are to see sin for what it is and warn others of it when led by God. And if we're being led by the Spirit of Truth, He is already revealing to us our sin, so we should remain humble before HIM.  

We are to judge the world in the sense that we are to judge what they are doing, promoting, and believing is sin, rebellion, and wrong. What we can't judge is whether a particular person will get save, since we don't have the Book of Life (unless I suppose, they are unrepentant heretics or those who have turned away from repenting of their sin as in Heb. 6:4-6)). We are only called to tell people to repent of their sin (which requires judging their behavior and beliefs as such) and to point them to the Lord Jesus Christ in whom there is forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Let's not forget either, that the sin of sodomy is especially heinous. So heinous in fact, that God destroyed entire cities because of it and that sin is listed specifically as a sin that will keep a person out of Heaven if they do not repent of it(see 1 Cor.6: 9-11, Jude, Rom. 1, 1 Tim.1:10).

I guess I'm getting frustrated with all the qualifications before the biblical axe is brought down to bear upon sodomites and worldlings ("this brings me to a rather delicate point"..."
The reason for writing/posting about this is not to point fingers at the world,"). I suppose I'm done with the guilt and "humility" (neither of which is real--with the 'humility" being nothing more than dancing around the issue, softening the blow that is about to come--the very thing the article was trying to address--so that they don't come off sounding like...well, like God.

As I walk through Isaiah again, I'm continually noting how often God is blatant with Israel for it's sin. Nor does God take a soft stand against the nations for their rebellion either. What He does is lay their sin at their feet, lays the charges against them clearly and boldly, then tells them to repent, and if they refuse, judgment will begin. 

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