Friday, January 16, 2015

The "Gospel" Coalition, Thabiti Anyabwile, and the Christian

We would disagree with the "Gospel" Coalition and Thabiti Anyabwile, that the Christian who does not incite anger among blacks for "injustices" must be identified as escapists. It would be better served to label such Christians as prioritists. Where his approach has been wrong is that he provides mere commentary to man's condition. He desires to "love" them through this condition, without offering the remedy, the true biblical Gospel as a salve for man's anger, lust, disobedience and rebellion. Although quoting Martin Luther King will certainly resonate with the niche TGC and Thabiti have been doggedly trying to reach, whatever King's sorrows stems not from indifference, but because he too aimed to remedy an eternal issue with temporal resources. It must also be said that King's sorrow is because he employed powerless "new age" methods, ecumenical desires, sinful "civil" disobedience, all informed by his false views on Christ. This is the hard truth. 

But here at BCRI, we do not desire to treat the black community, or any other community as they have been treated: victims in need more race-baiting "Christian" jargon. Rather, we desire to identify all races, blacks included as rebels in Adam, who have rebelled against a holy God in need of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, and the sorrow that has overcome my race and other races is not remedied with marches, empathetic. It is not only time to recognize self-pity as a sin, but to oust "leaders" who continue to use "the Gospel" as an exploitation method of helping you toward a better tomorrow. When, in reality, this psychology method is misleading, there is no better tomorrow for any individual(s), all races included that shake their fists at their Creator. There is only one common ancestor of every man, not found in Christ: Adam. And in him, all die unless they repent. This is the simplicity of solving man's condition upon the earth. Our powerless empathy will do nothing for you when you stand before God in Christ at the judgment seat. Although our empathy will register with temporal society whose minds are fixed on earthly things and utopian progress. Representing a Kingdom not of this world, and the only biblical Jesus Christ of this Kingdom, does not make us escapists, but disciples. It is time that we begin to "preach" the law and the Gospel to save the lost, instead of misusing the term "Gospel" for psychological, sociological, and other means. As sure as this post will incite misguided anger, is equal testimony to how distracted Americanism has become, and how unrecognizable true Christianity is to her.

~Doron Gladden, BCRI

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Alex A. Guggenheim said...

It is encouraging to read more writing about Thabiti Anyabwile. I have a few articles at my own blog on TGC and Thabiti in particular. His Race Based Special Interest Theology is patently liberal social gospelism but worse, Afrocentrism Theology, though he will protest it is not and proceed to argue against Black Liberation Theology while using many of its concepts and terms.