Friday, August 14, 2015

SBC Embraces A Gospel-less, Christless, Repentantless Experience and Call It Salvation

As Jeff Maples of Psalm 21 Outreach reports:

David Uth, megachurch pastor of First Baptist Church, Orlando, interviewed Rifqa Bary, author of Hiding in the Light, during his speech at the Southern Baptist Convention earlier today. Bary is an ex-muslim who claims she came to Christ through an experiential event of a “presence” she had as a child in a garden, who she later found out to be Jesus when she felt the same “presence” in a church later in life....

The earliest memory I have of Jesus, and I didn’t realize it was Jesus meeting me, was when I was about 12 years old–2 years old, and I was playing in the garden, and I felt this strong presence, and I would keep turning back, as a little girl, and that memory was imprinted into my spirit. I remember feeling so safe and loved and cherished, and I kept looking back, but I just knew that someone was there, and it was so big, and that day that I went into the church building, I knew without a doubt that it was the same presence I had felt in the garden as a child and things were okay.
All during this interview, David Uth is praising her, and affirming her experiential events that led her to Christ, devoid of Scripture and the Gospel. 

End quote.

He hawked her book which was for sale and signing after the service. It is published by SBC's Lifeway publisher.

This is similar to other "conversion" stories by "ex-Muslims" although usually it's via a dream. Still, their "Jesus" does not identify Himself to them, nor does he tell them of their sinful state and that He alone, the Jesus of Scripture, God the Son who took on flesh and was born to a virgin Jewish woman and rose again on the third day according to Scripture, is the only One who can save by His finished work on the Cross. No, they walk away from such a visitor feeling good about themselves, not bad, not convicted of sin, not with a true godly sorrow. They don't even know who visited them; sometimes some of them assume it's Jesus, but I know other times this man never identifies himself. Their "Jesus" is one that everyone can hug and celebrate and not die for. Plus, Jesus does have a presence with Christ-haters that makes them feel warm and fuzzy and valuable and loved. In fact, Scripture states that all the ungodly, all the unbelievers remain under HIS wrath unless they get saved. This was an UNHOLY spirit that has visited this woman. This is not of God at all.

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lyn said...

The SBC is a man-made denomination that makes up it's own 'salvation' plan; this church is void of the true God of the Bible and His power. It's more concerned about raking in $$ than it is about the souls of sinners.
This excerpt from Archibald Brown's sermon is fitting, " Alas, what an amount of powerless machinery we have in the so-called "religious world." Powerless, because it has no unction. Powerless, because it is the work of man — not the working of God through the man. Powerless, because it is dry and artificial. Powerless, because it is done by men who have never "tarried until they were endued with power from on high." Instrumentality is almost worshiped — while the Holy Spirit is well-near ignored." from