Monday, October 24, 2016

The Election

If you could not separate Bill Clinton's personal life from his presidency, you cannot separate Trump's either. Be consistent.

Those who tried to bully biblical Christians into voting for Romney (and then blame us for Obama) have yet to apologize while they have decided to not vote for Trump.


lyn said...

“One form of worldliness which has spoiled the life and testimony of many a Christian is politics. We will not now discuss the question whether or not the saint ought to take any interest in polities, but simply point out what should be evident to all with spiritual discernment, namely, that to take an eager and deep concern in politics must remove the edge from any spiritual appetite. Clearly, politics are concerned only with the affairs of this world, and therefore to become deeply absorbed in them and have the heart engaged in the pursuit thereof, will inevitably turn attention away from eternal things. Any worldly matter, no matter how lawful in itself, which engages our attention inordinately, becomes a snare and saps our spiritual vitality. We greatly fear that those saints who spent several hours a day in listening to the speeches of candidates, reading the newspapers on them, and discussing party politics with their fellows during the recent election, lost to a considerable extent their relish for the Bread of Life.” —A. W. Pink (1886–1952)

Denise said...

Yeah I read that recently. The hypocrisy and compromise of Evangelicals re: politics proves God is just in judging the household of God first.

lyn said...

How true....even so, come Lord Jesus