Monday, October 24, 2016

Thoughts on Evangelicals and Freedom

Those unwilling to give up a favorite book or author will be unwilling to give up rights, comforts, conveniences, a church, safety, or family for Christ Jesus. If they can't sacrifice the smaller things, they won't sacrifice the bigger things for Him.

In Evangelicalism, voting is a non-negotiable dogma, but separating from and rejecting false teachers is not.

The freedoms Evangelicals are willing to cuss over and protest for as they rage in horror at the prospect of losing them, are the very freedoms they use to practice sin and rebel against Christ.

Evangelicals are more passionate and angry when freedom is in danger than they are of Christ and His doctrines being twisted, rejected, and prostituted.


lyn said...

Good post Denise. Have you ever read this from John Newton? -

Denise said...

No I haven't Lyn, but I'll take a look. Thank you. =)