Thursday, March 30, 2017

Russia Training Camps For Spies: a parallel for the devil's terrorist/spies in Christianity

How they train and send their spies to infiltrate America might be political, that's what the devil does with his "spies", by training them and getting them to look just like Christians, to sound just like Christians, to act just like Christians, and to get hired in the seminaries, colleges, and churches, but in reality they are spiritual terrorists serving Satan. It's uncanny the parallel.
Anyway, the Nelson DeMille book details what was a very famous Soviet operation. And this TV show The Americans is all about. What happened was Soviets would recruit from their own population young men and women, and they would take them to training camps where they would literally learn to become American. These training camps were miniature American towns with a typical American Main Street, a typical American suburbia, a typical American mall experience.
And these Soviet agents learned to totally drop their Russian accent. They learned English flawlessly. They were educated to get American jobs. They were spies. They came and they were dispatched, and they lived in suburban Washington, they lived all over the country. They had kids who ended up being American citizens, because they were born here. Their neighbors never knew that they were Soviet spies.
One of their big objectives was to actually get hired in the government bureaucracy wherever they could, or to recruit other Soviet spies or Americans via blackmail or whatever to learn details of American military operations or what have you. We know that these types of agents existed. We know that they were deployed predominantly during the Reagan years. That’s what this TV show The Americans is all about.
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