Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Piper Now Says That There Is No Christianity Without His "Christian Hedonism"

In other words, Christian Hedonism, which calls us to pursue this cherishing of Christ as our supreme satisfaction, is not a cute or clever slogan on the margins of Christianity, doing its verbal tricks to get people to look into something more central to the heart of Christianity. Christian Hedonism is at the heart of Christianity. Without it, there is no Christianity. I am not talking about the name but the reality.

~John Piper 2018

Actually that's exactly what it is: an unbiblical tagline that has been very lucrative for Piper. Scripture doesn't give us that self-serving, man-centered garbage. It's reminiscent of when Rick Warren said in his "Purpose Driven" book, "It's not about you" and then goes on to make it all about you. 

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John P. said...

I'm sorry I haven't gotten on board with Surph's Side blog before now. Denise I like your comments and your "bio". I'm pleased that you 'contend for the faith' by exposing error when it needs to be exposed. There is a lot of wolves out and about now. I also appreciate the video of S. Lewis Johnson.