Saturday, March 03, 2018

Russia Funneled Money to US Environmental Groups & Used Social Media to Agitate

So about that global warming thing, turns out Russia operatives were pushing the narrative and why I don't get my news from Facebook or any social media....
“The committee began investigating Russian attempts to influence U.S. energy markets in the summer of 2017 when Chairman [Lamar] Smith wrote [to] the Secretary of Treasury regarding Russia’s intricate money-laundering scheme. Russian-sponsored agents funneled money to U.S. environmental organizations in an attempt to portray energy companies in a negative way and disrupt domestic energy markets,” the report states.
“Upon discovering that Russia may have exploited American social media platforms to accomplish its disruptive objectives, the committee broadened the scope of its investigation,” the report outlines. “On September 26, 2017, the Committee requested data from Facebook and Twitter as part of this expanded investigation.”
The documents social media companies provided to the committee confirm Russia’s influence peddling, according to the report.
End quote.
Breitbart goes on to say:

Climate change is also an issue the Russians are exploiting on social media, according to the report.
Numerous Russian posts focused on the ongoing debate about climate change by linking catastrophic weather events to climate change and divisively labeling one viewpoint as right and one as left,” the report states. “One post characterizes Americans as ignoring major events that are allegedly signs of climate change.
Additionally, these posts frame the conservative viewpoint regarding climate change as a ‘liberal hoax, all in an effort to generate further domestic controversy surrounding the issue of climate change.
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For info on the climagegate email scandal go here.

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