Thursday, May 27, 2010

Books and Authors to Avoid

Hannah Hurnard’s Hind's Feet In High Places.

William Young: The Shack

CS Lewis: an author to avoid

I hope this helps. The single link above just has all the info together on one page which is nice to have.

CS Lewis : other material from Trinity Foundation.

Anne Rice:


African Forum said...

Hello - I am a little puzzled here because of your introduction of yourself where you said
"My heart is to show other believers the error of various movements(e.g. the Word Of Faith, Seeker Friendly,Emergent Church movements, Reformed theology,etc.)"
I fully agree with the need to expose error but you mentioned 'Reformed Theology" yet later used the 'solas' of the reformation, sent a link to John Robbins's article on CS Lewis and in other places quote reformed people positively - am I missing something here or is maybe your definition of reformed different? Otherwise I enjoy your post.

Denise said...

Hi Greg,

I don't hold to Reformed Theology because it encompasses far more than the Doctrines of Grace and the 5 Solas. Both the Doctrines of Grace and 5 Solas are biblical and really, baptistic, pre-existing the Reformation by centuries.

It should be understood that while I do quote from certain sources, I may not approve of certain aspects of their theology. Robbins for example, is correct in his article on Lewis. He is one of two that I know of that have exposed Lewis for his doctrines which were Catholic, not Christian. He was also correct on exposing The White Horse Inn / Horton in regard to Roman Catholic Ann Rice. Its pretty rare for me to use a source like Robbins. But your reminder is good for me to be sure and make it clear that when I do quote a source like him, I make it clear that I am not embracing him as a whole. I'm glad you are a cautious reader Greg. That's encouraging.